Sunday, October 29, 2006

So Cute

Here's my progress on "Skip Rope". She's gonna be a cutie. Trying her out on a towel but I'll definitely do another - probably on a small pillow. Also started on my personal goal of 30 crocheted caps for Save the Children's "Caps to the Capital" project. I read on one of the Yahoo boards that the latest count is 7,403 caps from 820 participants. The program only runs until January 2 and this count falls well short of their target goal of 250,000 caps. Hopefully, there are lots of folks like me who are working to get their caps together. Here's what I managed to crochet this weekend in between cross stitching. As you can see, quite a difference in size depending on the yarn type. The pattern calls for a 10 inch cap (since most of the newborns are undersized). Boy oh boy are they tiny!!! Guess I'll become a public stitcher & work them on my daily metro ride & lunch hour. I hope to exceed my goal & mail the contribution by the end of November.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Here are a couple more patterns I'd like to share. The first is a 1994 chart called "African Rainbow" from Jakki Dukes Cultural Stitches, Shaker Heights, OH. I actually only stitched the four figures on the left as a pillow. Wasn't one of my favorites to stitch but the final product was nice. I got bored with the lack of facial detail but it was still a lovely piece highlighting the different shades of african ancestory. Gifted it to my aunt without taking a pic. During my last visit, I spotted it still on her living room sofa.
The next chart is the Gemini zodiac chart from Julie Hasler's Fantasy Cross Stitch book. Found the book on ebay and it has some fantastic designs. The Aquarius piece is a current WIP. To me this one has a look of Egypt meets Africa. So cool...........

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life is So Good.......

Wow - what a fantastic week I've had. Charlotte, NC is a lovely city. Gawking at the landmarks, the houses & the skyline made you forget you were walking 39.3 miles (well, almost). No blisters, but plenty of joint & muscle aches. Just reminds me that I'm not the spring chicken I used to be. My Weight Watcher buddy, Priscilla, was a perfect walk partner and a reminder that angels come to you in all sorts of ways. Who would have thought that meeting someone in cyberspace on a message board would start a great friendship. Which brings me to my other fantastic achievement this week. I am the "Blog of the Week" in the current edition of Black Purl Magazine - WAHOO!!!!! To get recognized for doing something you love has to be the ultimate compliment. I started this blog in May when I officially became an "empty-nester" to get connected to other stitchers and crafters to learn, share, and socialize. I've gotten all that and so much more. Knowing that I wanted to stitch more than just the popular samplers, teddy bears & flowers, I made it my mission to find the more unique charts. Now that I get a chance to showcase them, it's wonderful. I'll stop short of thanking the Academy & making my acceptance speech (lol) ............. Be back soon with updates of WIPs and more previews of charts. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Walk, Walk, Eat, Walk, Walk, Sleep

Headed to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Two days - 39 miles......... raised $2,466 for the cause. Take care & I'll have pics next week.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by Sharon. The rules; List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to. These are my current favorites:

Looking For You: Kirk Franklin
Imagine Me: Kirk Franklin
DejaVu: Beyonce
In My Mind: Heather Headley
Alright: John Legend
Can't Let Go: Anthony Hamilton
Money Maker: Ludacris

Now I'm tagging:
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heavenly Comments

I have been truly humbled by the comments I've received here. I love all my stitching & it brings me joy to know that others admire or appreciate the final pieces. Thanks to all who have reached out to send those heavenly comments my way. Last week Michael's had another of their 50% off coupons. I love these bargains cause it gives me a chance to buy a kit that I usually bypass & this time I lucked up on this beauty. It is "Three Yoruban Women" by Dimensions. Aren't the colors gorgeous?? Not sure I'll use the black Aida that's provided - it screams to be done on linen (you taught me well Sharon!). With so many holiday gift projects vying for my time, I'm setting this aside to be my first project of the New Year. In the meantime, I started this small project on a Charles Craft Showcase Huck Towel. Found the chart on eBay in a booklet from Cross My Heart called "Shoo Fly Pie". This adorable little girl looks like she could skip rope right outta the picture. I've broken Stitcher's Rule #1 by starting at the bottom instead of the middle. The stitching area is gonna be tight & I figure it's better to have the top of the jump rope outside of the area instead of her feet. Haven't gotten too far along this weekend but she should go quickly. Maybe I can finish her before I leave at the end of the week for the Breast Cancer Walkathon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Linen Finish

Drum roll, please........ I finished my first linen piece - the Better Homes & Garden's Alphabet Heart Sampler. Chose the DMC verigated floss in shades of gold & brown that I'm very pleased with. A perfect beginning piece for linen cause I could concentrate on the technique instead of color changes, etc. O.K. on to the next project.

Monday, October 09, 2006

For My Lil Spiderman

Here's my oldest grandson last Halloween. He's 6 (and a half - he'll tell you). He's probably the biggest Spiderman fan in the world. He loves to jump from tall buildings (o.k. the swing set) in a single bound. We have to constantly remind him that even Spiderman has a web to hang on to. Anyway, when he started first grade in September I promised to make him a Spiderman mini-blanket for his cot at after-school care. Believe me not a day went by that he didn't ask how much longer until I finished his blanket. Today he's all smiles cause it's finished. I found the Spiderman duplicate stitch chart online and used a navy blue acrylic (I know - but he's a kid) yarn from my yarn-fairy stash. I was so worried that he wouldn't recognize the character in stitches so the sound of "Memaw, that looks great" made me jump for joy. This is one of those Ah-Ha moments that reminds me why I love to stitch. Of course now the 4-year old wants to know can he get Elmo on a hat. Off to find another chart.....

Thursday, October 05, 2006


My love of art depicting African American (AA) images flows directly to my quest to find cross stitch charts bearing images that mirror my heritage. Some designers are progressive enough to provide skin tone alternatives with their designs. But sometimes it's nice to find a chart that reflects the heritage. Over the years, I have built up a stash of AA charts that I'd like to share. Someday I will have stitched them all (post retirement) but in the meantime I'll feature those charts here on the blog from time to time for those that may be interested. The most popular ethnic charts are the Green Apple designs, which are widely available, so I'll skip those & focus on some of the more rare charts. I'll start with "African American Father Christmas" from Alma Lynne Designs. It's been around since 1993 but hard to find. The stitch count is 195 x 126 and actually has about 4 dozen colors. My idea of a definite challange.........
One of my other favorites (and not so challenging) is this simple chart from Designs by Judith Lynn, Inc. Stitched completely in black , it also was released in 1993 and has 154 x 104 stitches. Will definitely give you lots of practice in backstitching.
Thanks for letting me share. I'll probably feature a couple more each week. In the meantime, back to WIPs.......

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

OMG - It's October Already?

I can't believe we've slipped into October already. I had such big plans for handmade Christmas gifts plus Holiday Craft Shows & I feel like I'm just crawling along. On October 21 & 22, I'll be walking 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This is my 5th year walking & I'm parterning with one of my Weight Watcher message board buddies in Charlotte, NC (instead of my usual D.C. walking). We have never met face to face so I look forward to meeting & talking all 39 miles. The training has really eaten into my stitching time but judging by the aches & pains in my joints, this may be my last marathon walk.

Meanwhile, I only have 5 letters left to stitch on the Alphabet Heart - that will be a gift for my best-sistah-friend. I've finished the knitted afghan for my grandson & started the duplicate Spiderman stitching. Just hoping it truly resembles Spiderman when I finish & not just a red & blue blob. I've done well on completing several art projects (plates, tiles, & figurines) for my table at the next few craft fairs but need to finish the stitched pillow, pot holders & other UFOs. In other words, can somebody make a few more hours in the day? By the end of the week I should be posting pics of both the Heart & the afghan.........