Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi - I'm Deb & I'm a Craftaholic!!

You've met Deb - the cross stitcher; Deb - the knitter/crocheter; now meet Deb - the painter. A few years ago I discovered that the Pottery Factory in Williamsburg, VA offered tons & tons of unpainted figurines. There are santas for every month of the year, and angels, and Buffalo Soldiers & Tuskegee Airmen, and lots of children. All of them just begging to be brought to life with an imaginative mind and a bit of acrylic paint. I travel back to Williamsburg often to restock my stash but I thought I'd share some of my holiday works. Yet another craft jockeying for attention, but true to the crafter's creed - I can do it all........

BTW, finished 'Skip Rope' and crocheted 1/2 dozen more caps but that's well short of the 30 I planned to finish by the end of November. Oh well, deadlines were meant to be broken. I'll have pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Soul Is Fed By Needle & Thread

Doesn't that title just sum it all up? I saw it while blog hopping & quickly jotted it down (Would love to have it as a bumper sticker!). Can't believe a week has gone by since I last blogged. Trying fiercely to put a dent in my holiday stitching "to do" list. This Twisted Threads design has always been one of my favorites so I completed another one on a pillow cover. Left off the words and used a metallic gold for her earrings instead of the yellow-fill of the original. Amazing what a few changes will do. I like them both but the mocha sistah seems to have more attitude...... I'm sure it's just my imagination. I have the next four days off from work and I'm looking forward to finishing both "Skip Rope" and "Spiritual". I started Spiritual at the beginning of the year as a gift for my friend's mother. Unfortunately, she passed before I could finish it so I sadly put it aside. But she deserves to be finished and plans are now to give it to my friend as a Christmas present that will always honor his mother.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fall in Virginia

I love Virginia in the fall. The leaves changing colors are gorgeous!!! I've added a few minutes to my commute so I can drive down the parkway along the river everyday. So of course, my mind is full of thoughts of knitting sweaters, afghans, hats & scarves. My stash of knit/crochet patterns rivals my stash of cross stitch charts but I'm always on the lookout to add a little something. Yesterday I came upon this Berrocco pattern that I love. It's a swing crop sweater called Charlize. Thankfully, the fuzzy yarn has been discontinued, but I'm loving the shape and can picture it knitted up in something very soft. This weekend I'm headed to the Stitches East Knitting Expo in Baltimore to shop at the marketplace. I had contemplated going for a couple of classes, but honestly, if I learn any new techniques right now I'll be distracted from finishing all the holiday cross stitch projects I have going. But if I happen to fondle just the right yarn - you can bet that Charlize will become my next WIP.......