Saturday, July 22, 2006

On The Road Again

Leaving on a roadtrip in the morning to help daughter relocate from Ohio to Louisiana. Of course, gotta drive from VA first. Won't get much stitching done until we arrive in Shreveport later in the week. As promised, here's what I've completed on the Aquarius piece. She's gonna be a beautiful piece. Have decided not to do the windchime thing as outlined in the book - so I started her on a round doilie. Had hoped to be sooooo much further along but got the urge to knit so I'm whipping up a quick scarf & hat just to satisfy the craving to hear the click-click of needles. Swear I must have ADD - can't seem to stay focused on a single project lately. Or maybe I'm really just a crafting junkie at heart. Will check in next week. Hopefully, to showcase some finished items!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Work, Travel, Stitching

That's the order of things these last few weeks. Went down to New Orleans for biz travel for about a week and then on up to Ohio to visit my oldest daughter for the July 4th holiday. This is the piece I worked on in the airports and on planes. It's a kit named "Pansies" from Designs for the Needle. The chart has "Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life" stitched in the center but, I'm revising it as a wedding sampler for a friend that got married a little while ago. Knowing my track record, it will be done just in time for the first anniversary. One more flower in the right bottom corner, then on to the names & date in the center. I also took along this chart from Julie Hasler's Fantasy Cross Stitch book I found on eBay. It's an unusual Aquarius zodiac sign design. A fantastic piece but lots of color changes so I only worked on it in the hotel & daughter's apartment. Promise to post WIP pics very soon.