Saturday, September 09, 2006

Progress Pic

O.K. - I have converted. After years & years of aida & evenweave, my first experience with linen is "da bomb"! I've had to make a couple of changes in my stitching style though. My daughters gave me a lap stand for my birthday last year which was gathering dust in the corner. I've always held my stitching in my hands but the stand makes working on linen so much easier (let's face it - these eyes ain't what they used to be & stitching "over 2" can be hard to see!). Took a minute to get used to placing hands in front & back of work but I'm up & running now. Here's my progress pic. Lovin the DMC variegated floss!! I've always believed that stitching on linen looked soooo professional. This spurs me on to finally tackle a couple of the Lavender & Lace charts in my stash. But first let me finish this up. So back to my new best friends - the stand & lamp........ Oh yeah & thanks Sharon for inspiring me - you're a gem!!


Sharon said...

Deb! It looks great! I love it and the color is very pretty! You are so welcome and I glad that I was able to help and not sound too crazy! LOL I know there are even more beautiful things are to come.

Susan said...

Congratulations! Once you stitch on linen, you never go back!

Kitt said...

WOO WOO! Another linen convert!!!!
Congratulations on taking the plunge Deb!
I love the alphabet heart sampler you're stitching, I did it too!
I can't wait to see it finished, the thread is gorgeous!!