Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting Organized

I am loving this empty nest!! I had really planned to spend the Labor Day holiday up to my elbows in stitching but got side tracked after a trip to Target. Decided I was ready to transform one of the kid's rooms into my office/craft storage room. The office part was easy - just a desk & a couple of tables for my scanner, fax, and laser printer (can't believe I had all that stuff in the corner of my bedroom). The fun part was the craft space - Found this great 2-drawer wire basket, just perfect for storing floss. I've bundled the floss by number so the colors are easy to find. Then bought some really cute flourescent magazine & file boxes and organized my cross stitch, crochet & knitting patterns. Even found a clear storage box for the stash but I'm not crazy about that - will keep looking for something better. It all came together with the wrought iron shelving units I use for my craft shows. So here's how it ended up. I'm on to the next room. Would love an actual crafting room with a big old comfy chair, Ott light, sewing machine and crafting table, but I guess it's only proper to have a guest bedroom for the kids to sleep in when they visit. Oh well, a girl can dream,huh?? Should have more pics to post of the alphabet sampler in a few days.


Carol said...

Oooo! I love your new craft room - very cozy and organized!! Wanna come do mine?

Sharon said...

congrats on the craft room-I wish I had one-even a part of one would work-oh wait! I do have part of one my bedroom-LOL I am looking forward to seeing your alphabet heart!

Annette John-Hall said...

Let them sleep on pallets!

Just kidding. Or not. I guess they do need a place to come home to but must they have their own rooms?

Yours looks fabu, btw.

Anonymous said...

And there goes my room :( LOL!! Go fot it, you SURELY deserve it!! Love you!!