Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beachcomber Tunic

I have my own little min-rotation going. Splitting my time between knitting the Beachcomber Tunic from Interweave Crochet's spring issue and cross stitching M Designs Rejoice Tree ornament. Here's my progress pic of the tunic back. Excited to finish the knitted part so I can see how the crochet edging will complement it. I'm substituting the recommended yarn with Crystal Palace's Cotton Flamme. Loving the texture!

Y'all know I love a sale & what could be better than something knitted on sale. I picked up this Cable Knit Hobo Bag from Old Navy today. On clearance - it was $8.99! I couldn't knit one for that price. We're talking fully lined with wallet & cell phone compartments. The strap is short but perfect to carry around my projects. They carry it online (it's on sale there too) & it's made from a combination of paper straw & cotton - whatever....... it's sturdy.

I finally have a couple of days off, so I'll be back with pics of Rejoice ornament as soon as I finish a couple more letters.


Sharon said...

I love the purse and I like the new start-especially the color. I have recently fallen in love with felted bags and I have one special ordered that will be coming soon. I will post a picture. I wish I could knit-but the brain cells aint what they used to be-LOL What a lovely talent to have.

Patrice said...

That bag is SO COOL, Deb! I love the stitch pattern!

Deborah said...

very nice purse and it's a good thing you didn't felt it or you would lost all of the detail in your cable work.