Monday, December 31, 2007


I reached so many milestones in 2007, I kinda hate to see it end. I celebrated my 50th birthday; achieved my goal weight; reached Lifetime status with WeightWatchers; walked 39 miles in my 5th Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; was promoted at work and increased my charities; saw the youngest grandbaby start kindergarten (better stop calling him a baby); got my Mom settled in a senior community where she has lots of companionship; displayed my crafts in a "real" shop; and cheered as both daughters became very independent young ladies. Of course with all this good came some sad like losing my Uncle Ed to kidney disease.

With all that under my belt, I have high hopes for 2008. My only resolution is to continue my quest to fulfill God's purpose and live my best life. I am thankful for all those I have met here and the talent that's been displayed and shared. I'm anxious to see what y'all have in store for next year (lol). I'll close the year with a pic of my current project - a knitted scarf & glove set using Uruguay DK - a marino, alpaca, silk blend yarn in a wonderful shade of grape.

O.k. - the mimosas are waiting along with the Greys Anatomy 3rd season DVD, so I'll wish everyone a safe & HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too! I hope 2008 brings you many blessings.

That's a lovely scarf--that yarn sounds divine.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful goals for 2008. Congrats on reaching Lifetime status with Weight Watchers. This year I lost the first 25.6 pounds on my way to goal. Have a blessed 2008 and maintain.


Sharon said...

Sounds like a wonderful year! May your 2008 be just as great. Happy New Year!

Crystal said...

Happy New Year, Deb! You continue to be my inspiration!

Check out my blog. I finally finished that blanket!

Love ya!