Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Extraordinary Quilting

Last month I shared the art-quilt wall hangings from my Aunt. She is so supportive of me and my efforts to promote the beauty of handcrafted gifts this season in the gift shop. She introduced me to her fellow quilting guild member - Sandra. Sandra is an avid quilter who makes all-things-quilted but specializes in baby quilts, lap quilts, and Quillows. If you're not familiar with quillows (I sure wasn't) - they are quilts with a pocket that enables the quilt to convert to a pillow. Especially great for traveling! Just the concept is fascinating to me but take a look at these:

Absolutely beautiful! You know my heart & soul is forever drawn to "stitches of heritage" so the african inspired themes are my favorites. But there's something for everyone so I also chose the Black Barbie quillow and a cute school theme (perfect for boys).

Of course the hard part is choosing which ones to put in the shop and which will be gifts for my friends & family (lol)! I've always been fascinated with quilting but there aren't enough hours to finish my own stitching to-do list - so thank goodness for Sandra who I'll probably have on speed dial! I'll leave you with more pics of the quilting stash - couldn't say no to the lap quilts........ the angel quilt has the lyrics to Amazing Grace on one side & the Ten Commandments on the other - how perfect!


Sharon said...

Oh, they look fabulous! I'm jealous-LOL

Lesalicious said...

OH WOW love your blog I always wanted to learn to stitch like that love the pillow with the girl on it so cute. great job:)

Michelle said...

What a cute idea!! You made some great choices!