Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Actually have a couple of reasons to rejoice.

First, here's the framed piece I did for my mom. Couldn't believe the frame was on sale at Target for $2.58....... what a bargain & how perfect for the piece! I gave it to her for Father's Day (she was the initial Supermom for brother & me). It's very special cause it signifies she has a new home - not just a new apartment.

My second reason to rejoice is my current linen project. I've started M Design's REJOICE ornament tree. Chose a hand dyed linen - 28 count - from Acadian Corner in Metairie, LA. I've completed the first E stitching "over 1" instead of "over 2" - something else new for me but I'm loving it. Somehow it seems easier on the hands (but not on the eyes). I promise I'm moving away from the earthtones for my next project, but hey - that's what always catches my eye.

Please take as minute to jump over to my friend Crystal's new blog & welcome her. She's new to blogland but not to stitching.........


Crystal said...

Your framed stitch came out beautiful! Thanks for the plug! Did you see that I managed to update and post a couple of pictures? I think I'm getting the hang of this!

Sharon said...

Deb, that is the perfect frame and a great price too! Makes it even better. Nice start on rejoice-I have virtue. I havent' decided when I will tackle that!