Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Been Such A Long Time

Wow - have not posted progress pics in soooooo long. Seem to have lost my cross stitch mojo - lots of charts I want to start or finish but no motivation to just do it. Between a new job, training for the walkathon, relocating my mom, & all the stuff inbetween I can't seem to concentrate on detailed work. But I haven't abandoned needlework completely. Every night I manage to stitch at least 2 rows on the "plain Jane" afghan while I catch the late night news. It's now looking like this:

Really big & heavy.......... I'm on the last skein of cream yarn before starting the edging. Since the cold & wet just won't quit here in VA - I may get some use out of it yet this season.

A few weeks ago my brother gifted me with some great shelving units. With help of some vibrant cubes from Target & lots of file boxes & book/magazine organizers from ABC Distributing, my office & craft space looks really cool. check it out - even my yarn stash has a place.
Keeping the faith that life will slow down soon & my mojo will return with a vengence. Happy stitching to all!!!


Michelle said...

Hope you get your mojo back soon - with everything that goes on, sometimes it's hard to have the energy to create. I love your afghan though - it looks warm and snuggly!

Lauren said...

Oh, I love your new storage! It looks so colorful and neat! Hopefully, all the organization will help you get back to crafting more!

Sharon said...

Hi Deb, nice to see you posting. I like the afghan and the storage looks really cool. I hope your stitching mojo returns soon too.

Red said...

The colors in your storage set-up are so pretty. Almost looks like right out of a catalog!

Vonna said...

Oh, I do love those selving units :)
I would love some of those myself!
And you've gotten them all nicely ordered :)
Very nice!
Hey I found your blog via Sharon's...seems we have a couple of friends in common...Sharon and Goldie :) I've got you on my bloglines now so I'll be back! Take care...looks like you do LOVELY work!!! Can't wait to see more! SO hurry and get your MOJO back! Hugs!

Deborah said...

Yup, me too, I've been away a long time. Nice seeing you again!