Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby - It's Cold Ouside

Brrrrr .......... it's definitely winter which means I've been hibernating. Not much cross stitch going on but plenty of knitting. Here's my youngest daughter modeling the hat I made for her. Shes's the one who likes bright colors so I used Lion Boucle's Popsicle. Knitted on circulars using about 3 ounces of yarn. Super simple - straight knitting. She likes it so much I'll have to do a matching scarf. Still working on my "Plain Jane" afghan. It's getting big enough to serve double duty as a project & a lap robe.


lauren said...

It's definitely bright! It looks like she loves it :) Mmm, that's the one thing I regret about not doing knitting or crocheting, not being able to have a nice warm afghan on your lap while you're making it. It just sounds so comfy :)

Deborah said...

its so nice when your childre like what we make. only one of my sons likes my stuff. maybe if i learned to knit a nike swish into their hats, they would wear it??