Monday, January 15, 2007


One of my favorite projects last year was the Better Homes & Garden's linen heart alphabet. It was my first linen finish and given to my best-sistah-friend for Christmas. I realized over the weekend how I missed seeing it in my finished pile so I began one for my house. Although it was awesome on linen, I decided a pillow worked best for me and I chose Valentine reds as a reminder that it will be done by then. Also stitched a bit on "Baptism". Loving the creme linen background that I chose. It's really making the picture pop.

Always on the lookout for unique frames for my stitching and from time to time Dollar Tree gets some really cool stuff. When I saw this one, the colors from "Skip Rope" came to mind. I now have the perfect excuse to finish another one. Getting into a crazy cycle of liking my finished pieces so much I wanna do them again. Unfortunately that's not helping me work through all these charts I've accumulated.

Retirement just can't come fast enough. Hope you all enjoyed a peaceful and quiet Martin Luther King Day.


lauren said...

I love your little jump rope girl! That frame is just perfect for her. I loved stitching Linen Heart, too, and it felt like such a quick stitch. I'm sure you'll get it done by Valentine's.

del said...

That is one cool-looking pillow-in-progress.

Jules said...

I love the alphabet pillow. That's really my sort of thing. I might try and track down the chart. Can't wait to see it finished.

Sharon said...

Hi Deb! congrats on your skipping rope finish-too cute. That was the perfect frame for it. Your linen heart is going to be great in that color.

Jules said...

Hi Deb. Thank you for your kind offer of the alphabet chart, but I can't find your E-Mail thingy? Is it me?? x

Rita said...

Hi Deb!
I have just found your blog through the freebie gallery blog. You are doing amazing things!
I tried to download the Alphabet heart chart from the recommended site, but it seems they have already removed it. I just fell in love with it, and I would like to stitch it for a friend's birthday, who loves monochromes, samplers and hearts, so this is just the things for her!!! So I was wondering if you could send me the chart? My e-mail address is: