Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Switched to the New Blogger

I made the leap to the new Blogger & I'm liking it. You won't notice much of a change except that I divided up my favorite blogs and added links to other sites where my crafts are showcased. Oh yes, & changed my avatar to reflect my wishes for a happy, healthy & safe New Year for all!

Guess I better get started on my Stitching Resolutions for 2007. In a perfect world, I'd complete one project a month in addition to one year-long "biggie". Unfortunately, I don't live in a perfect world. Will have to settle for spending more time in 2007 doing what I love ........ STITCHING!


debijeanm said...

Hi, Deb. I'm Debi, another Cancer just stopping in via a friend in xstitchinprogress. I loved browsing your site. Sounds like you had a very merry Christmas. Hope you also have a wonderful 2007. (BTW, I'm a SoCA girl who has visited Virginia in the spring and summer. What a beautiful state! I yearn for dogwoods.)

Sharon said...

Cool avatar! I hope you have a Happy New Year! Are you doing anything fun?