Friday, September 22, 2006

Just A Quickie!

Daughter asked me to make a scarf to complement her coat. Grabbed this from the yarn-fairy stash & worked it in the carpool & on my lunch hour this week. Looks like the yarn may have been saved from the 70s so I guess it's officially "retro". Well, TGIF!! My weekend goal is to finish the Alphabet Heart Sampler as well as my grandson's knitted blanket featuring Spiderman. The weather's really cooled down just in time for the first day of fall, so this weekend will be perfect for stitching, knitting and football.


Sharon said...

Those are pretty cool colors-I like the retro look.

Bad_Hatter Girl said...

I agree with Sharon, the colors are very pretty! Nice blog too!
Congrats on becoming Blog of the Week!


Anonymous said...

My scarf!!!!! I need that right about now, it's getting nippy!!

DarlingNikke said...

I like those colors...what stitch are you using to create that effect with the coloring? Do you by any chance still have the label for the yarn?

BTW~ I had learned to cross-stitch when I was abt 15 years old and after looking at your blog today I'm truly inspired to pick it up again :)