Monday, May 29, 2006

Favorite Pieces

These are a few of my favorite pieces. "Gospel Singer" is one of the few charts that I've done multiple times. The first one was a gift for my mom. This one I did without the Bible in her hand to make it a little different - the evenweave fabric had gold & silver thread borders that made the stitching really stand out. "Portrait in Gold" was done for my Aunt's gift store in Ohio. It was stitched on crochet-edge aida. The handtowels were included in a wedding gift. It was the first time I created a chart....... so much fun. It's so difficult to find charts with ethnic images - I'd like to someday create my own line licensed from leading artists.

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Sharon said...

Hi, welcome to the blogging world! I like the materials you are using for your stitching. Some, of which I never considered. I have done several Southern Roots pieces myself. Stop by and visit me sometime!